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trunks and tails


undercover hi my peoples.

been a whole week since i have had the computer.
it’s been busy
i have a big job to do here
i have to get jack to learn the rules here.
the main rule being i rule!

Here’s a picture of jack that mama thinks is cute


she thinks his butt looks like an
elephant’s trunk

i think it looks like
jack’s big ugly butt.


i am posting this on awww mondays
because mama thinks it’s cute
but i think it is not an awww.

but the picture of me is definitely
awww worthy!

Pet the puppy and see other awww...things

Pet the puppy and see other awww…things


cats meow for people but not for cats



hi my peoples.

did you know that cats hiss and spit at other cats
but never meow to them?


the only time a cat meows to another cat is between a kitten and mama cat.


but we do meow for our peoples.
mama says i am her catkid so of course i meow for her.


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

Image: wikipedia