bunnies and watermelon



hi my peoples

life goes on around here.
life with a kid brother is a pain in the tail.

but enough of that

here’s an awww for you

Bunnies Adorably Slurping Watermelon.


Pet the puppy and see other awww...things

Pet the puppy and see other awww…things


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  1. That was an adorable video, Teddy! Yes, we are all eager to hear more about your adventures with your pesky little brother, and to see some photos of him too! What are the odds of your mama getting both of you in one photo… are you still keeping your distance? That little guy is going to grow on you in time, and he will mellow out when he gets a bit older, you’ll see! Be glad you don’t have Toby for a little brother, he loves to chase his big sisters around the house and eat their food!!

    • it will take some serious treats for a picture of the two of us together! yeah, he is growing on me sorta like a fleas…a real pest. he used to chase me but i got tired of that and now i stand my ground and swat him.

    • mama is a computer hog so i don’t get to post. if she is not hogging the puter she takes a nap and i do need her help. i will work on her this week and see if she will pay some attention to me.

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