the door is open…



hi my peoples

remember this?


well the suspense is over

the door is open

and this is what was behind it


its named jack

he’s a kid and wants to play

i have been doing a lot of hissing and growling

i don’t like him

but mama says he is family
and i should put my big boy pants on
and be nice.

i don’t wear pants!


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.



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  1. This is making me laugh, Teddy! Having gone thru this with assorted adopted kitties before, I know what a great hissy fit you can throw to make sure your Mama knows that you are not amused by this intruder in your life with her. But I just know that if you give it time you’ll discover a few things you like about this new guy Jack, and he might know a couple tricks he can teach you too! In the mean time, don’t be too hard on your Mama, she has a big heart and plenty of love for both you and Jack!

  2. Now Teddy you must remember that you are the “big brother” here and that Jack has to get use to a new home and you as well. Be kind as I know you will soon enjoy having a playmate. Jack you are quite cute. Please don’t harass Teddy to much so he can get use to you being around.

    • seems to me jack has been used to this place since day one. he doesn’t really harass me but he is a pest and i don’t like pests…unless they are bugs.

  3. Oh Teddy, I was so hoping this might be a new sibling for you! I know that right now you are feeling a little grumpy and unsettled about the whole thing, but I assure you it won’t be long before you and Jack are thinking up all kinds of fun things to do while Mama is away at work! Having a little brother can be very entertaining, and he will always look up to you as the guy who runs the place! I hope you’ll be back with lots of stories of this new kid and what he’s up to! Hugs to you as you, you will always, have the warmest spot in your mama’s heart, I promise!

  4. I had a feeling that was what was behind that door. You’ll eventually like him. You’ll see. Right now you’re jealous. That’s okay as long as it doesn’t last forever.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. 🙂

  5. that’s exactly how Jake felt when we got Morgan. She is still not his favorite because she’s more active and wants to play but they sleep together on the bed. You will too. Tell your mama I have been waiting for this post to find out what was there! So happy for you both. The first of couple weeks are always the most……..exciting!

  6. Teddy, Mama is always right. It will be okay. Siblings can be good things to have. Maggie was three when she got her two little sisters. They are all close. You will always be The Big Brother.

  7. Oh goodness! He does look very nice! And , our cat is going through the same thing right now. Maybe you two could discuss this? Hang in there Teddy . . .it will get better!

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