being ignored



hi my peoples

not much for today’s feline friday post.

mama has been busy with Andy Bodytic
and pretty much ignoring me.

i haven’t even seen Andy Bodytic and he has been here all week.
she brought him home from the doctor’s office.
i don’t know why
maybe the doctor was tired of having him around
i know i am.

i don’t think he is very nice
he has made mama red and bumpy and itchy all over
and she is a bit cranky

if i do see him i am going to hiss and spit
and maybe get close enough to scratch him!

i just want him to go home!


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.


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  1. Aww, poor teddy. no one likes to be ignored. hopefully mommy will be feeling better from mean mr. bodytic and be back to playing with you soon. mr. bodytic visited (uninvited) by me and he is mean & nasty!
    Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

  2. Oooh, that itchy, bumpy stuff is miserable Teddy. I bet you’ve done your very best to comfort your Momma, and hopefully before long she’ll be good as new! I am glad that you want to protect her from bad guys. Andy Bodytic was supposed to be a good guy, sounds like he needs to change his ways!

    • andy bodytic was a bother and now the aunty dotes are causing problems. i think mama should go see my doctor. maybe she needs her temperature taken…that always cures me.

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