cats meow for people but not for cats



hi my peoples.

did you know that cats hiss and spit at other cats
but never meow to them?


the only time a cat meows to another cat is between a kitten and mama cat.


but we do meow for our peoples.
mama says i am her catkid so of course i meow for her.


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

Image: wikipedia


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  1. Teddy, I have had some furkids that were talkers, some that were quiet, and one who liked to sass back! When I would scold him for doing something that he shouldn’t, he would look at me and fire off a whole long line of meows. I’m pretty sure that it was lucky for him that I couldn’t translate that! πŸ™‚ Sophie talks to me, but she does so silently, only moving her mouth and making very tiny sounds. It is so sweet, I think it is her way of saying “I love you”! πŸ™‚ What do you tell your Mama about?

    • we do like to talk to our mamas. mostly i tell mama that it is time to eat and that my toy is under the sofa. sometimes i let her know there are birds on the balcony and she should let me out there but since the pigeon incident i have to stay in until they leave.

  2. I was going to say that our older Momma cat does still call her children every now and then. And sometimes Two Two goes around the house just meowing, so who knows who she is talking to. Have a great day.

    • maybe the internet people i was reading lied—seems there are cats that talk to each other. but maybe they are talking to themselves and there just happens to be another cat around.

    • there seems to be some differing opinions here about this. i never talked to any cat when i lived in the shelter and there aren’t any cats here but me so i don’t know if i would talk to a cat or not. i do talk to mama.

  3. Teddy, I actually have had several cats who did talk to each other. In fact, our old Tuxedo cat, Sam, talked nonstop to everybody (cats, dogs, people) for almost 20 years. Currently, Grizelda and Maggie talk to Stella the Sheltie and each other, too. Chloe Jo never has much to say; she is too busy

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