an uh-oh for today’s awww


newtoyhi my peoples

look at this cat
he may be more of an uh-oh than an awww.


i am not sure what he’s doing up there
and i think he is wondering, too.

i hope his peoples help him get down.


Pet the puppy and see other awww...things

Pet the puppy and see other awww…things

SecondImage: pixabay


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  1. Kitties sure have been known to get themselves into some strange places and predicaments. I have been told too that they will find a way, eventually to rescue themselves. But if it was my kitty I wouldn’t wait for that, I’d be climbing up to help untangle him from that spiderweb!

  2. Hey Ho Teddy! I am going to choose to believe his peoples helped him down. If that was an umbrella kind of thing he would be pretty hard to miss and I bet he had a bit to say about his predicament!

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