running really fast


hi my peoples


do you know that cats like me can run
okay you do know that
but do you know we can run
30 miles an hour or even more?

wonder how fast these guys are going?

i have never run that fast cause i have never been outside
with lots of running room
i don’t know why i would want to run that fast
but if i had to i know i could


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

Running Cats


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  1. It truly is amazing how fast cats can run, even the big cats in the wild! You are built for running Teddy, so much power in the muscles of your back legs. I have no doubt you could run to the store for treats if your Mama would let you! 🙂

  2. We bet you can run really fast Teddy. We love to run as fast as we can even in the house the kitties that are outside fun fast too. They just get to run a little further. Hope you have a good running day.

    • i would get more running done if mama would let me bring bugs in from the balcony. it’s fun to chase them but mama says bugs outside live inside they die.

  3. I sometimes think my cats run that fast through the house when I get home in the morning. I know they’re excited to see me, but I’m ready to go to bed!
    Thank you for visiting us at Animal Anarchy. 🙂

  4. Every day we have the “Night Train” run up and down through the hall and house. It is engineered by Grizelda, with Chloe Jo as the caboose.Once is awhile, Maggie will fill in the middle. ~xo~

  5. Morgan, our young cat (that looks like you) can gallop through the house pretty fast but Hazel our chubster doesn’t go so fast. However, Morgan really did something to annoy her and I saw her chase Morgan at top speed. I was hoping she wouldn’t have a heart attack and she didn’t.

  6. It looks like they are having a serious race, I think you should stick to the life of leisure Teddy that is the best option ever 😉

    Have a tanfabulous week ahead 😉

  7. Teddy can you get up to a pretty fast run in the house. Our much loved Z Cat that left us too soon was allowed outside on our Tiny Ten acres-Supervised! She could get up some speed but she had upper respiratory issues and I don’t think she could ever have done 30 mph. That would be like flying.. wheeeeeee!

  8. It is good to know you could run fast if you had to! Sometimes our kitty runs so fast in the house I’m afraid he won’t turn quick enough and will crash into something. But so far so good!

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