dieting is for the dogs…



well, my people, i may not look 2 happy here.
because i am not.

mama has me on a diet,
i may have mentioned this before,

 see it’s not like there isn’t enough food.


i can open the food cabinet myself
but i can’t open the cans
not even the ones that don’t need a can opener.
there are bags of food but they are in zippy lock baggy things.
the treats are in those stoopid baggies 2!

who cares about a waist

i need thumbs!

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.


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  1. Chin up, Teddy! It’s because you’re loved. It may not be much comfort but my beloved feline, Boaby, is on a bit of a diet, too. He cleverly hides it under all his long hair but he’s a heavy little blighter to lift! He’d eat all day given the chance!

    • mama had a cat that weighed 15 pounds and he was never on a diet cause the vet said he was a big cat and it was ok. well, i am a big cat 2 but i am not supposed to get any bigger…very unfair.

  2. Lucy has to have her food limited too! The problem is her special food formula was changed and we did not know it….it went from NO GRAIN to lots of grain. So we had to change her food….it took awhile to find one she likes!

    • i like almost everything except beef…well beef is ok but only if there is nothing else in the dish and mama can’t be convinced to give me something else.

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