silly people and their silly laws



hi my peoples!

while roaming around the internet
i found some silly stuff for feline friday
i don’t know if any of these “laws” are real or just jokes
but let’s be honest
peoples can be weird sometimes so some of these might be real laws
anyway they are good for a laugh

in california animals are not allowed to mate within 500 yards of a church or school
around here people aren’t allowed to drink alcohol within 500 yards of a church or school
i don’t know about mating.

sterling, colorado says cats must wear a taillight if they are going to roam


this cat might need 2 taillights

in international falls, minnesota  cats cannot chase dogs up telephone poles
no word on dogs chasing cats up the poles

barber, north carolina says it is illegal to fight like cats and dogs


i think they mean people fighting but maybe not

like i told you who knows if any of this is true
it did come from the web
and you know anything goes on the web


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

Image: #1 google
mage #2 google


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  1. I love these Teddy… especially tail lights… I can envision a nice line of little flashing lights decorating the fluffy tail of one of my furkids.. however they don’t get to go outside at night, I don’t think the lights would keep them safe from coyotes!!

    • i don’t go out at all cept on the balcony. mama only has indoor only cats. you are a good mama to keep them safe from coyotes. we don’t have those but we do have hawks—big ones that can get cats

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