yogurt is good for me



hi my peoples!

remember when I went to the vet because of a little problem with my butt?
well, everything is fine but dr neil said it would be a good idea if i had a little
yogurt everyday
mama has yogurt everyday and now i do 2

mama puts some in a little bowl for me


i never eat it when it is in a bowl!

i only eat it when it is on a spoon


so now mama eats her yogurt and leaves some for me
and she lets me lick it off her spoon
this is as it should be
i am very special and deserve to be spoon fed

none of this in a bowl on the kitchen floor stuff

think i could get mama to feed me my breakfast and supper
from a spoon while i recline on the sofa?





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  1. Teddy you are too funny! I think that cats love to be pampered! My furkids would much rather eat treats from my spoon too, they want to share what I have, not have their own. I have to guard my dish until I am finished with it, and my cup too! Yogurt every day sounds like a very nice treat to me, I will have to see if my furkids like it. I think they will, thank you for sharing that with us! 🙂

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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