june is adopt a cat month


teddyfacehi my peoples

i don’t have a lot to say today



this was me at pets, inc

i lived there until mama adopted me
she took this picture while i was in my cage
then she took me home with her

if you have been thinking about adopting a cat
now is a good time to do it
not that there is ever a bad time
animal shelters are running out of room
when there is no room sometimes shelter kitties die

some homeless kitty is just waiting to love you



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  1. If I wasn’t so highly allergic to cats I’d be the cat lady. I love cats to pieces. It just isn’t fair one bit.

    Have a purrfect day Teddy. My best to your wonderful momma. 🙂

  2. You were and are so beautiful! It’s a wonderful message. Three of my cats came from shelters. One was a mother who already had a litter. The fourth was a 5 month old kitten my girlfriend found starving in her back yard. She was taking it to the shelter when she stopped at my house and the rest is history!

    • you are a softie. bet if a hungry cat came to your door you would care for it. i have a friend, elizabeth, who has 6 cats in a condo just like mamas. it’s just right for me and mama–i hope mama doesn’t get any ideas that we have lots of room for cats.

      • I don’t think she will and if she does, you will always be the favorite! Jake, my old cat wasn’t so keen on Morgan the young one but he’s ok with her now. That is as long as she doesn’t pester him. She does let him eat her food though and that makes Jake happy.

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