bad day but good boy


IMAG0086 (1)hi my peoples

i am back to tell you the rest of the story about my trip to the vet.

I had to get my booster and annual shots. That was not too bad.

And I had to have my eyes and ears checked.


and my mouth and throat


all that was ok

then mama told him about my bloody butt so dr neil said he had to have a look

yeah, that’s what he said “have a look”

he took something that looked like this

and took a look up my butt!


you can’t see him but believe me he was back there taking a look.


i’m telling you it was quite an experience!
one i hope to never have again.

and my butt is fine except for a little polyp that is no problem
it just has to be watched so it doesn’t get to be a problem.
i coulda told mama that if she woulda asked.

one good thing i get to have yogurt everyday

so that was my trip to see the vet.

dr neil was very nice–except when he was messin with my rear parts
i think i will keep him as my doctor
he’s not as pretty as dr leigh but he gives great hugs and he loves cats.

and he gave me a good grade because i was such a good boy
the paper says teddy did well!  small-35552_640 A+


i think this whole thing qualifies for

Click on the puppy and see other awww...things

Click on the puppy and see other awww…things




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  1. Oh so glad that you liked your vet. That is so important. And if he likes cats, that is the very best. Hope it all goes well with you and that Polyp. Sending lots of purrs etc.

  2. Teddy, i’m so glad your trip to the vet went well — after you were caught and put in the box. That’s a difficult thing, my cats fight going in the carriers, too. Thank you for visiting my blog, i’m going to be coming back to yours!

    • ms.messymimi, i am sorry i didn’t respond sooner but your words went to spam! i don’t like spam so i let mama deal with it and she is not exactly the best assistant. those carrier things are for the dogs!

  3. You look so much like my Baby I lose on Jan.5,2014 he also had a bloody rear but it was real bad and I am so happy you are going to be o k, glad you liked my bird but they are to look at,I know Baby used to sit and look at them for hours be a good kitty

    • oh so sad about your baby. maybe now is a good time to adopt another baby. mama adopted me when she lost of henry and dolly. i try very hard to be good but sometimes i slip up.

  4. I agree that this gets you one bit Awww. I love the shots of your expressions while the dr. was checking your butt. You were also hanging on for dear life.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday Teddy. 🙂

    • even dr neil said it was embarrassing. i wonder if he ever had somebody look up his butt–it is more than embarrassing it’s mortifying.

  5. All is well! The vet used to take the temperature with a thing up the rear. So not cool! You eat yogurt? It’s very good for you but none of the cats here will eat it.

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