the story of my bad day



hi my peoples

for feline friday

i am going to tell you the story of my bad day.

my mama is a good mama
she has never hit me or hurt me in any way
she gives me hugs and treats and lots of scratches all over.
and the best ever belly rubs!
i love my mama
but tuesday—

it started out as usual
it’s mama’s day off so we got up kinda late and had breakfast.
then mama got dressed—i shoulda known something was up when she put her shoes on—
well after she got dressed she took this out of the closet.


i checked it out and it seemed harmless enough
but it did remind me of something but i couldn’t quite remember what
then…mama tried to put me in it!

 i remembered!
it is not a harmless box

she said i had to go to the vet for my shots
and because i had a little problem with my butt.

nonsense!  i have a wonderful butt!

she tried for 20 minutes to get me in that box
i ran all over, i growled, yeowled, hissed, and spit.
i showed my claws!
then she went and got her friend elizabeth to help.
took elizabeth 3 tries
but she got me in that box.

we went inelizabeth’s car to this place


i sorta calmed down because i have been here before
but i was still nervous
especially when i found dr leigh wasn’t there any more and i would see a different vet.
i liked dr leigh…she was very pretty and loved me a lot.


they took me outta the box and i met dr neil.

i will tell you about the visit on monday
so be sure to come back.


pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.


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    • mama was not happy. not so much because of my behavior but because i was so upset. it was so good to get home and under the quilt for a nap.

  1. That is a hard carrier to get a cat into. I had a top loader which was easy but my cat got heavy (at 17 lbs) to carry from the top handle and I bought an IGo2 carrier. It’s soft sided and on wheels. Easy peasy. Loads from the front with a zipper. I can get any of the cats into no problem. So glad it was only shots but what’s this butt problem? Can’t wait until Monday!

    • mama says she is going to get a new one that will be easier to get me into. she said dolly and henry were no problem and she was surprised i was.

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