sometimes right is wrong


hi my peoples

i have somethings to tell you about treats
you already know not to give people food as treats
this is about cat treats you buy

  1.  i love them
  2.  i get some everyday
  3. they are not always good for kitties


they can be

here is what to remember about treats

  1. they should never account for more than 10% of our daily calories
  2. if given too many treat the nutrient value of our food is less
  3. peoples read the labels!  too much fat or sodium is bad as are dyes that color the treat and artificial stuff
  4. do not buy treat made outside of the USA  they do not always have the high standards we deserve

so there you go

do give your kitties treats
but beware of the bad stuff

and if your kitty starts losing his waist cut back on those high calorie treats
mama had to cut back on mine
i still get them but not as many

it’s ok
i do want to keep my handsome physique for all my girlfriends



6 responses »

  1. Your momma is right about those treats. Goes for dogs too although I probably shouldn’t mention that here.

    Have a purrfect day Teddy. My best to your wonderful momma. 🙂

  2. You are right. I always give my Girls natural treats and ones good for their teeth, bones and their good health. It is good to check with your vet, too, for individual needs. ~xo~

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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