mama is decluttering


IMAG0086 (1)hi my peoples

well, it has been another busy day for mama
she is doing something she calls decluttering
when she first said that i thought she meant declawing!
i ran for cover but then i got it
she was talking about throwing stuff out

or i thought she was throwing it out


then i saw the bags
she’s just throwing stuff to goodwill again.

her closet is getting pretty empty
if she isn’t careful with this decluttering for goodwill
she is going to wander around naked.
that is not a good idea.

IMAG0079 (1)

after awhile i got bored with the de-cluttering for goodwill
and took a nap on the cluttered desk.


i wrote this is for

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.

pet the kitty to see other peoples posts.



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  1. I need a dose of your mama’s motivation, Teddy. My closets and storage rooms overflow! I love living simply, and can remember a time when all that was important to me fit in a backpack… that was a very long time ago. Your mama is awesome for sharing things she no longer needs with someone who can really use them! I suspect she will keep enough so that she won’t have to go to work in her birthday suit, though that would certainly make for an interesting blog post! Like you, Teddy, I tend to lose interest in decluttering after very long. I need someone to come in and do a massive re-organization. Yes, that would be very nice!

  2. That’s what I need to do with my closet. Way too much clutter in there. I think I’ll start doing this when we get home from the boat.

    Have a purrfect weekend. My best to your mom. πŸ™‚

  3. I have been doing this room by room, and only have the stored stuff left, like seasonal items. We have been married 33 years this week. Then we inherited a house full of more stuff, from Bill’s mom. Way too much stuff. I only want what we need. Stuff doesn’t matter. People matter.

    • mama does it room by room too. but when gets to the last room we have to go back to the first and start again. concatulations on your anniversary!

    • we do have fun…mama gets a bit cranky sometimes but i make her laugh and she is her old happy self again. that’s one of my responsibilities…keeping mama happy.

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