food from the table



hi my peoples

i am just checking out the fridge
sometimes there is something in here i like and can have

lots of peoples food is bad for kitties
but there  are some things we can eat.

  • lean deli meats
    i like chicken if it’s plain but mama likes stuff on it like sauces and marinades–bleh
  • we can eat cooked eggs–but if you give them to your kitty make sure it is just a taste cause some kitties do get sick
    i don’t like eggs no how no way
  • tuna from the can is ok
    i love me some tuna
  • if your kitty is not lactose intolerant it’s ok to give him  cottage cheese, yogurt, or sour cream–but just a little
    this stuff is not for me but i do like American cheese
  • there are veggies we can eat but they must be washed and cooked, carrots, asparagus,broccoli,green beans, winter squash
    i like carrots a little bit and love green beans the other green stuff not so much
  • and we can have fruits like apples and melons but no seeds!  not good to give us acidic type fruit cause it hurts our tummy
    i like watermelon bunches and a piece of apple is good now and then.

the thing here is that it is better not to give us peoples food at all
but if you must the ones up there are ok
but only in little bitty bits
and usually cooked

i found the food info at and
heck them out

and remember mama and i are not vets or experts,
well she isn’t but i am a cat you know and an expert on everything,
these are things i can eat bits of–mama doesn’t give more than a bite
but you know what’s best for your catkids.


this kitty looks ready to eat
and very polite 2




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  1. I agree with you Teddy. We shouldn’t give our babies people food. It really isn’t good for them. We just need to take the very best care of our babies.

    Have a purrfect day Teddy. My best to your smart momma. ♥♥♥

  2. I don’t give my cats any people food and for a different reason. I have a really good friend with 2 wonderful friendly cats (but not as wonderful as Teddy). They get people food. Whenever people are over for dinner, they are always begging and jumping up on laps and the table while people are eating. Theythink everyone enjoys a little cat hair condiment on their burger! Having said that, my vet recently told me to feed one of my cats yogurt (diarrhea problem). Since they weren’t raised with things like that I could not get them to eat it.

    • i would never do that ms kate. i am afraid of everyone except my mama so i wouldn’t go near them. in fact i don’t beg or bother mama when she is eating…except maybe when she is having potato chips.

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