they smell good but are bad



hi my peoples.

it’s wednesday and i have another psa about people food and cats.

another couple of foods bad for kitties


garlic and onions

destroys red blood cells in cats
and that leads to anemia
a very bad thing.

symptoms include:
fever, weakness, loss of appetite,
discoloration of skin, pale lips,mouth, and gums.

mama eats both of these things and she smells so good when she does.
but i never get any.


Image: morgueFile


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  1. I never knew that- however Lucy only gets good kitty food- never any human food AT ALL!
    She will sit at the table with us and totally ignores our food- she just wants to be with us!
    Cheers and give that Teddy and big snuggle from me!

    • lucy needs “drive mama crazy” lessons from me. i do love my cat food…most of the time. sometimes mama tries something new that is a dog and i don’t eat it.

  2. My cats don’t like any people food. Well, ok, Jake likes people chicken but that’s it. I used to have a cat that liked donuts. She would steal them (I would never feed donuts to a cat!).

    • they don’t know what they are missing. i loves potato chips and cheese and ice cream. mama is kinda stingy but i do get a taste of them when i drive her crazy.

  3. I find it the best policy not to feed people food to our babies. Give them their own food and then you don’t run the risk of harming your precious furball. Great PSA though.

    Have a purrfect day Teddy. My best to your humans. 🙂

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