raw eggs are bad eggs



hi my peoples.

I thought I would do some wednesday posts
about things that you should know about cats.

this month i will tell you about some foods
not to give to kitties.


yep, raw eggs are a nope.

cats can get salmonella just like peoples.
raw eggs can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.
none of that is good  for cats–or peoples.
and salmonella can be shared between a cat and his peoples!

so remember no raw eggs–not even egg nog!


Image: pixabay


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    • good for you…peoples food is not good for kitties. but mama gives me little bits sometimes. i really like potato chips but salt is bad for cats so i don’t get many.

  1. It would never even occur to me to give raw egg to Theo.
    On the other hand, it wouldn’t occur to me that cats would like peanut butter or avocado – both of which Theo loves. Any problems there? … however it might explain why Theo is a little – well – pudgy.

    • well, in general peoples food is not good for cats. avocado is a definite no. but if theo is ok maybe a little doesn’t hurt. chocolate is bad for us but mama lets me lick the chocolate ice cream dish when she is done…she doesn’t leave much to lick so i’m fine.

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