designated driver



hi my peoples

well, i got some rest and i found something for

awww mondays


this kitty doesn’t look old enough to have a driver’s license

but if his mama has had too much nip
it’s probably a good idea for him to take the wheel.


Click on the puppy and see other awww...things

Click on the puppy and see other awww…things



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  1. Okay, I guess I need to give you more help on this.

    You need to go to edit with this post. Go to Comedy Plus and click on Awww Mondays Code in my navigation bar. Click on the code and it will highlight. Then right click and click copy.

    Return to this post in edit mode and right click at the bottom of this post and select paste. The code will then appear in this post. Click save and that’s it. You’ll see all the links in your post.


    • ok mama tried this but all that happens is the code is pasted into the blog…just the text. what is she doing wrong? for now she did it the way she always has.

  2. Awww and Bwahahahahahahahaha. Too cute.

    To put the code in you need to go to edit mode with this post, then copy and paste the code from my navigation bar into the bottom of this post. That’s all you need to do. Very easy.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. 🙂

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