hi my peoples

i gotta tell ya doing a challenge
takes a lot of energy.
and takes a lot of time away from naps.
naps are essential to a good cat life.


it may be a while before i am up to my usual stuff.


i did wake up for a few minutes to be a part of



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  1. I just now discovered that your blog hasn’t been showing up in my reader, Teddy, and I missed your whole A-Z! I’m going to have to go back and ready them, because I so adore those wonderful photos your mama takes for your posts! I wonder if there are any other cats who did the challenge – you might be famous for that! 🙂 Between you and your mama, and whole lot of effort was put into blogging in April, I think you both deserve special treats! OXOX

    • maybe there was a conspiracy about cats being in the challenge. or just me—i don’t know of any other cats in the a to z. mama always has chocolate treats and i get my treats–not chocolate–every night before we go to bed.

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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