eXceptional cats



hi my peoples

we are almost at the end of the alphabet!

and there are no



but there are eXceptional cats

like me
strays and shelter cats everywhere.

mama had two stray cats before i came home

she really had 3 but she lost all the pictures
of her first catkid when she moved.
one day i will tell you about kitzie
he was a hero cat!

here’s a little about the 2 there are pictures of.



henry was about 4 months old when a lady gave
him to mama.
the lady had taken care of henry’s cat mama
after her people mama threw her out for being pregnant!
mama had a cat, dolly, and wanted another catkid so she told the
lady she would give henry a forever home.

when he was 16 he had renal failure
so mama had to help him by taking him to the vet
and letting him go to Paradise.

mama says henry wasn’t the smartest cat
but he was the sweetest cat she ever knew.

and there was



she came home, to mama, when she was 6 weeks old

someone found her and 4 other kittens,
2 were dead and the others almost dead.

the people who found them took the living kitties home
and took care of them until they could eat on their own
then found forever homes for them.

mama says Dolly was a brat
but still a lovable little cat and very smart.

dolly lived with mama for 19 years
then she got sick, really sick, and mama took her to the vet.
There was no medicine to make here healthy so mama
made the decision to help Dolly on her way to Paradise.

Then mama went to the shelter and got me.


that was a good day for both of us.

you don’t have to have a fancy name
or bloodline to be eXceptional
you just need to be a


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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. Awww to all of these precious babies. Your love shows through on each of these. I know you’re doing A to Z, but I linked you to my Awww Mondays post. This sure qualifies.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. 🙂

    • don’t tell her she is exceptional or that she is good at getting wxceptional cats…she will decide for sure she needs another cat and i am not at all sure of it

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