van cat



hi my peoples

i am a day late with a



sometimes it just hard to get mama movin

anyway, there is a
van cat

it is from turkey and is a lot like the turkish angora
but the van cat is disappearing

it seems people are not taking care of these kitties
what! why!
bad peoples!
sometimes it is hard to understand peoples

this kitty is all white semi-long haired,
has long legs and likes to swim.

the most interesting thing is that they are born
with grey eyes that change color when they are a few weeks old.

they have either blue or amber eyes
but often are odd eyed,

having one blue eye and the other amber.

my eyes are gold but sometimes they are green
sorta depends on my mood

the odd eyed cats are preferred

what is it with peoples “preferring” things?

colors and hair length and stuff
isn’t what makes us cats.

we are cats because that’s who we are.

we are here for you to love
no more no less.

as mama says

get over it.



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paw the badge to visit other posters


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