american wirehair



hi my peoples

two posts in one day!

this for a


the american wirehair

this is a natural breed cat
no funny business here just
a good american cat!

it is related to the american shorthair
but not to the cornish or devon rex.

the wirehair has a coat that is
dense and springy,
spiked, curly, crimped, hooked, or bent.

they sound a little punk to me

they are medium size, have wide set eyes,
a square chin, and ears that are sort of round at the top.
they come in all colors and patterns.

they have sensitive skin and need regular bathing.

i have never had a bath
i do give myself thorough baths
so mama can keep the tub to herself.

they are calm and easy-going and like to hunt.

wirehairs are adaptable to all families,
and are tolerant of children

they are not perfect!



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paw the badge to visit other posters


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    • i have never of pooping on your backside. i asked mama about it and she said i did that a lot when i first came home. seems i had shelter s**t. not good but mama took me to the vet and i got some medicine that took care of it.

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