ukraine levkoy



hi my peoples

I have a rather sad


cat to tell you about.

the ukraine levkoy cat.

this cat is “man-made”
by breeding scottish fold cats and hairless cats


this cat has turned down ears and little or no hair
it is medium in size with a long slender muscular body.

it’s skin is elastic and needs special care
with protection from the sun and cold.

it’s head has a dog-like aspect
with rather large eyes.

the ukraine levkoy is not recognized by
cat fanciers and breeder organizations
except for ukrainian and russian clubs.

these cats are sociable and smart.

sadly, they are prone to arthritis and bone anomalies.

mama said i could go ahead and tell you what i think about some breeders

most breeders love cats and do their best
to see that the cats they breed have healthy litters.

but there are some that are not careful
or respectful of the process.
they seem to want to see how far they can go to develop
new types of cats without regard to the well-being of the cats.

mama and i are all for getting kitties from shelters
but if you want a pure-bred cat like the ones i have been
telling you about please do your research and be sure the
breeder you buy from is reputable and trustworthy
and has healthy happy cats that they love.

unfortunately,  cats have no say in who does what to them

i am pretty sure there are breeders of these cats
that are thoughtful in what they are doing.

let’s hope the future of the ukraine levkoy has
more conscientious, compassionate, and caring cat lovers in it.


Image: wikipedia

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    • maybe he just looks unhappy…i don’t know him. but his chances for a happy healthy nine lives is not good. yay for shelters and the people who run them, volunteer, and get pets from them.

  1. Oh Teddy- this is so very sad. Our Lucy who is a Korat like you came to our home as a stray. We will always open our home to all kitties, but will never buy a cat from a breeder just for this very reason. Have a wonderful day Teddy! By the way we mentioned you in todays Feline Friday!

    • it is said when kitties, or any animal, is used in unethical ways. there are good breeders…but ya gotta be wary cause so many aren’t.

      thanks for mentioning me in your post. lovely to see lucy lookin so cute.

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