turkish van



hi my peoples



cat for today.

the turkish van

is a rare breed originating in ancient turkey.

i had some pretty old turkey the other day
it was good if a bit chewy.

this cat is big, 10 to 20 pounds, and muscular and strong.
they have powerful legs and can jump really high.


they are very active cats
and love to play and run
and they love to be in water.
they are good swimmers.

ok weird

they get along with dogs and people
as long as everyone knows who the boss is.

they are smart cats

they like to be petted but not picked up and held and loved on.

that boss thing again

their fur is semi-long and chalky-white with color only on the head and tail,
although, sometimes they are all white,
and they have wonderful fluffy tails

 short-haired tails are very nice too, you know.

their coat is like cashmere and there is no undercoat
the coat repels water and dirt

they shed a lot in summer but in winter have thick coats
with tufts of hair between their toes.

wonder if that is a problem when in the litter box?
mama hates it when I “track” litter.


Image : TurkishVanwikimedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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