scottish fold



hi my peoples!

here is today’s



it is a scottish fold cat


these kitties are born with straight ears
but around 20 days old the ears
of half of them fold.

they come in all colors and patterns and have long or short hair.
their eyes are round and can be any color but usually copper.
actually everything about this cat is round,
their eyes, heads, and bodies.

they are well padded medium size.

i am bigger than medium but my padding is muscle
i have no idea what has made mama laugh so hard.

these kitties are smart and tend not to be shy.
they don’t hide and like to be around people.

i am not shy either but i don’t like people
so i go to bed when they are around.
there goes mama laughing again

scottish folds like to play in and drink running water.
some eat and drink with their paws.

they are cute but
they do have some strange habits.


Image: wikimedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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    • seems so inefficient to me. i do like to drop my toys in my water bowl and watch mama squeeze the water out and get all bothered about the water on the floor.

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