ragdoll cat



hi my peoples

today it’s time for an




the ragdoll cat is big,
males are 15-20 pounds!

They always have blue eyes,
their fur is soft like a bunny and semi-long,
but they don’t shed much except in Spring and Fall.
They have different patterns to their coats and are
usually mostly white.


They are intelligent

what cat isn’t? really!

friendly and relaxed,
some of these cats have a trait that when picked up
the will go all limp and floppy.

like a ragdoll…duh

they are good family cats because

get this!

they like kids.

no one is perfect, you know.


Image: wikimedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. Oh Teddy, we have a Ragdoll! Rehomed it for someone because they couldn’t deal with all his hair, and right now he is all flopped on the floor, relaxed, with his feet up in the air. 🙂 He didn’t get the memo about only shedding in the Spring and Fall, but we love him anyway.

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