hi my peoples

i found another cat without a tail

it’s anm




look at that nifty collar!

these cat come from the isle of man
and are tailless because of a genetic mutation.

there is a story that they don’t have tails because
noah shut the ark door on the manx’ tail and it got cut off.

i don’t think anyone believes that.

they are really round heavy cats
and peoples think they sort of look like bowling balls.

with back legs that are longer than the front
it looks like their rump is up in the air.

better than having a nose outta joint!

they are smart and often play fetch like dogs

i do that

and sometimes bury their toys

i don’t do that.
mama gets all upset when i dig in the plant pots.

manx cats are even-tempered and affectionate and calm.

probably because they are afraid of losing another part if they misbehave.


paw the badge to visit other posters

paw the badge to visit other posters

Image: wikimedia


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    • thank you ms debbie. typing is very hard. i want mama to get the voice activated thing on the puter. she thinks it won’t understand felinese though.

  1. You are not allowed to dig in the pots? What is your mama thinking? Pot soil needs to be irrigated and there is no better way than with a cat’s paws! Manx are nice but I do like big fluffy tails! All the better to push things off tables.

    • nope no digging in pots. she says i disturb the flowers. she does let me sleep in the pot of catnip though. i tell the pigeons to get away by swinging my tail really fast and hard..

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