the most beautiful korat


tchi my peoples

i have a  most beautiful


to tell you about

it’s a korat from thailand

they are smart and busy and affectionate
and like all smart cats everywhere
they prefer the company of cats.

they are powerful and muscular
and only come in one color,
gun-metal blue with silver tips.
they have heart shaped heads,
the only cats that can claim this, and green eyes.

they don’t reach full maturity until around 5,
longer than most cats, but maybe that’s because they are so smart.
we all know kittens get the best of everything.

korats like to talk
and have strong opinions
they really don’t like loud noises.

now here is a picture of a korat


look like someone you know?
this picture was taken before i was born
so it isn’t me
but definitely a handsome cat.

and one more thing
korats are considered cats of good fortune,
especially for peoples getting married.
give a pair to a bride and the marriage
will be strong and happy.

mama says i shouldn’t get too full of myself
i am just a cat.

shows how much she has to learn.


Image: wikimedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. In that picture, the cat looks like Morgan (with 2 eyes of course). Her face is more Siamese-like with she has big ears. (All the better to hear when the catnip mousies move!) Of course, I’ve never seen a cat I didn’t think was beautiful except maybe for the wrinkly ones.

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