japanese bobtail



hi my peoples! i thought i heard a strange people so i am being cautious.

and on we go to a



a japanese bobtail


these cats are strong and hardy and love people, especially kids, and travel.

i’m not sure they are 100% cat

they are the only cats with this kind of tail.
it is short–no more than 3 inches long–and curls or kinks.

medium in size of many different colors
with no undercoat so they don’t get all matted
and they have oval eyes.
they are japanese you know.

peoples think buddist monks brought them to japan
to get the rats that were eating the rice paper scrolls in the temples.
then the silk grower people got them to save the silk from…rats.

rats are a problem

and now these cats are street cats in japan.
probably looking for rats

this is a nice cat but i like having a nice long tail.


image of japanese bobtail  wikimedia

paw the badge to visit other posters

paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. All the cats here think you are very smart to be cautious of strange peeples! They come here sometimes too. Lovely cat but we like tails. They are useful to whack things.

    • yes i am smart and i know all peoples are strange…even mama is a little odd. i can’t imagine not having my tail to express my self. and very useful for whacking things

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