havana brown


hellohi my peoples!

i have an


cat for you

it is a havana brown


these cats are chocolate brown
leaning toward red-brown
and have green eyes.
I have green eyes but i am grey

their whiskers, nose, and foot pads are brown, too.
their heads are long and narrow and they have thin chin hair.

they love peoples
that is just odd to me
but whatever twitches your whiskers.

most are very playful and talkative
and sensitive to other animals and the people around them.

it’s a good cat to have if you have other pets
or little peoples in your house.

some cats are weird.


paw the badge to visit other posters

paw the badge to visit other posters

Image: wikimedia


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    • how sad that you are allergic to us. maybe a sphinx would be ok since it doesn’t have hair and very little if any dander. btw–i am not a people cat except for my mama i am allergic to them.

  1. Teddy, I really am enjoying these posts. There are so many breeds! I have a couple of breed books from when I used to be a vet tech., but I like your posts. What a clever way to do the A-Z challenge!You are teaching people!

    • mama had a brown cat, henry. he was the first brown cat she had seen. the vet was sad that he was “fixed” cause breeders look for brown cats. i’ve seen his picture he was bigger than me and very handsome.

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