good golly it’s a cat


IMAG0211hi my peoples

i had a hard time finding a



i looked all over the internet
but no G cats.

but then I saw this one


 good golly!

it’s called a sphynx

it doesn’t have hair.
who woulda thought there would be such a cat?

 it is a natural mutation that causes their baldness.
sometimes they have a little fuzz
but for the most part nada.
some peoples say they feel like warm suede or chamois
their skin is loose and wrinkly
reminds me of mama
where she doesn’t have hair she has wrinkles.

and yes they do get cold and sometimes appreciate a sweater
and like me they like blankets and afghans and quilts.

even though they look fragile they are not
they are medium sized and sturdy.

they like to play, have lots of energy,
are affectionate and like peoples.
sounds like me but i have hair
and only like one people, my mama.

they need baths because they don’t have hair
to absorb their body oil.
and get this
they like baths!

this is an interesting cat even if it isn’t really a G cat.


Image: wikipedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. Good job, Teddy! We clean someone’s house who has cats, but they don’t like all the hair. We ended up taking one of their cats, because of this and thought maybe they would like a Good Golly cat better!

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