farm cats



hi my peoples!

here we are again with another cat



farm cat

farm cats are working cats of all sizes and colors.
they are not totally feral but not really domesticated either.
unless you know the cat, and more importantly they know you,
it is best to leave them be and let them do their job.

they are sometimes given supplemental food by the peoples they work for
but most often they only eat what they catch.
i am glad i am a pampered pet…
i do like going to my bowl and having food when i want it

because they mostly feed on smaller animals  that are found on farms and ranches, like mice,
they are generally leaner than house cats. that doesn’t mean they are skinny…
they just have more muscle and less fat.

farm cats are hard workers and are important to the farmer.
i prefer naps and playing with my toys.

i am very glad mama is not a farmer and i am a condo cat.


Image: pixabay

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. This is my kind of cat, Teddy, although we do feed ours. We just have one, now, but we have had many cats over the years, and few of them have been just pets. Well, I guess I should say we only claim one…there is another one that appeared recently, and she has claimed us! I shudder to think of the mouse infestation we would have without them!

  2. Good one, Teddy. A lot of the rescues I do have barn cat in them. Many have feral traits, never really being handled. Yes, hard workers, excellent hunters, though.

  3. A condo cat sounds like a cool thing to be! I once got reprimanded for feeding the farm cats. A mom had had babies and I just thought they needed some help. My bad,

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