egyptian mau


closethi my peoples

i have been sitting on the printer waiting
for mama to leave the computer so i can write an


cat post

today i will tell you about the

egyptian mau


this cat doesn’t get really big
and is spotted.
the spots are only on the tips of their hair.

their back legs are longer than the front ones.

they have green eyes, like me, and sometimes
their eyes change to turquoise.
my eyes stay green except when they are gold.

they are, like me, talkative.
they have lots of sounds and sometimes chirp like a bird.
that is something i would like to do.
i would talk to the pigeons and the hawks that visit,
i would tell them they can visit but they cannot poop on the balcony!

the most amazing thing about the egyptian mau is
that it is fast.
it can run up to 30 mph.
i don’t know how fast i can run
but mama says whatever it is is fast enough
and not to get any big ideas.


Image: wikimedia

paw the badge to visit other posters

paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. You picked a beautiful cat to tell about, Teddy. Of course, all cats are beautiful, but this one is beautiful and different. It looks like a white tiger mixed with a cloud leopard to me.

  2. We’ve heard of these cats but never seen one before. They’re gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Teddy. Selleck and His Person, Emily

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