cornish rex



hi my peoples!

the letter today is


so the cat today is

cornish rex

that is such a cool name


and a pretty cool looking kitty.

it looks like it does because of a genetic mutation
–sounds painful–
this cat doesn’t have the 3 layers of hair like most of us cats.
they only have down, or undercoat, that is very fine and curly.
i wonder is they get cold?

they shed like peoples.
yes, you peoples shed,
so they don’t lose as much hair as other cats.
bet they don’t have to fear the house monster
aka the vacuum cleaner.

the first cornish rex was born on a farm in cornwall. uk in the 1950’s.
when they came to the usa they were bred with siamese cats
so now besides fine curly hair, they have long whippy tails and big ears.

there you go the letter c is complete


Image: wikimedia

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paw the badge to visit other posters


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  1. Hi Teddy! I have a kitty that looks like you, I’ve always understood that he is a Blue Russian. What’s the difference between a Blue Russian and American Shorthair?

    btw…happy A to Z

    • i think american cats are like american peoples…a little bit of this and a little of that. when r comes around i will tell you about russian blue cats.

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