it’s about gas



hi my peoples!

it’s been awhile…mama is a computer hog!

i missed you peoples but here i am with a new post.

look at what i found in mama’s email…don’t tell her i have her password.


i know what farts are
but i have never been hit with a dog one.
they must be awful!

mama says my farts are awful.
i think they are just fine.
at least i feel great when i let one go.
is that a tmi thing?


go see some other feline friday posts now.


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    • mama says my grampa’s farts were funny but i don’t know cause i never knew him. not sure what she means by funny but she has a strange sense of humor so no tellin.

  1. I miss your Awww Monday posts, but since you have the password you can do those posts by yourself. Excellent.

    Dog farts are pretty bad. They can make your eyes water and your knees weak. Cats are not so bad.

    Have a purrfect day. 🙂

    • maybe hazel can visit someday…we would have a great time. she could play with my cat meow mousie. i have quiet farts…mama says they sneak up on you. hehe

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