best present ever!



hi my peoples!

                   look at what my auntie janyce gave me!


i didn’t know what it was either.


at first i was a little unsure what i should do
and thought i better be careful and check it out.


then mama turned it on and this red tail started going round and round.
it was a mouse tail!

that was all i needed to know and i knew what to do


catch it!

takes some practice.
that mouse moves really fast
and just when you think you have that little critter it turns and runs the other way.

teddy6yep, it’s still alive.

better run little mousie
i’m gonna get you!

thank you auntie janyce!
this is the best present anybody ever gave me!


today is feline friday
you’ve read my post now go see some others.


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  1. Teddy, you are the greatest!!! 🙂
    If I were you I would get my mother or aunt to blow that thing up.
    I think it might roll around the floor for you if they would do that.

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