i wanna see it, too



hi my peeples!

i wonder what this kitty sees.

must be something surprising or his people are doing something strange.

you peoples are a strange species. really!

images (13)

whatever he sure has me wanting to know what it is i can’t see.


you know there’s more cute stuff to make you say awww this monday.

Click on the puppy and see other awww...things

Click on the puppy and see other awww…things


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  1. Teddy, your kind do indeed look so funny when they stand up on their back feet like humans do. I suppose you find us pretty funny looking when we crawl around on the floor on all fours trying to find something that we dropped! This kitty has such an interesting expression that, just like you, I’d like to know what it is seeing or reacting to. You furkids can make faces just as funny as some of ours! My TIggy’s best face is the one she uses when she wants me to know it’s supper time. She stares at me so intently that I can almost feel her eyes burning into me from across the room. Cats are very good at not blinking for a long period of time, aren’t they?! 🙂

    • the first time i saw a people i thought he looked pretty funny standing on his back feet. but then i learned thats how people are. strange.. it is funny to see mama on all fours but even funnier seeing her trying to get up.

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