i got a brand new box



hi my peoples!

it’s feline friday time.
there are other posts you can see but not til you see what i have to show you.

look at what i found in the office.


it’s a box! and it is empty!


it’s just my size.  and now it is mine.
mama says she will make a pillow for it so it will super comfy.


i think it’s pretty much ok the way it is.
but a pillow will be nice.



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  1. Oh Teddy! I know how you must love your new box! They are always much more interesting than whatever came inside of it! Your mama is a sweetheart to make you a comfy pillow. I really liked being able to see more of what you looked like. You are one very handsome guy!

    • my box is great! it may be a while before there is a pillow. mama takes forever to get some things done. she does feed me on time most days and that is more important than a pillow.

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