it’s a really big ball!



hi my peoples!

i have an awww for you!


mama says this kitty is playing with a watermelon.
i don’t know what a watermelon is but that is one big ball!


now go see some other awww…mondays stuff


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    • that kitty looks like she’s having some trouble with that ball…bet i could help out. But mama won’t let out of the apartment except on the balcony.

  1. This looks like fun, Teddy, and a good way to cool off! Do you like to play in the water? Some kitties do! I think a watermelon would be an easy ball to hang on to if you have nice sharp claws! They taste really wonderful too, my cat Sophie says so! 🙂

    • i fell in the bathtub once. i didn’t like it at all! I have tasted watermelon and it was pretty good but it didn’t look like the ball that cat has it was red and flat.

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