henry was one of mama’s catkids



hi my peoples!

i am not my mama’s first catkid, she had others before me
and says she may have others join us. i don’t mind that she had other
catkids before me but i am not sure how i feel about having another cat
living here with us.  i will have to give it some thought.

here’s a picture of my mama’s catkid, Henry.


he was a big boy…bigger than me.
he weighed about 16 pounds but mama says he wasn’t fat just big.

henry was brown with longish hair and a fluffy tail.
mama says he was the sweetest most lovable cat she ever knew!

when he was 11 he got kidney stones.  they got stuck and the vet had to
whack his winky to save his life.

henry lived another 5 years and at 16 died of kidney failure.
he is buried in aunt lucy’s yard.

sometimes mama get drippy eyes when she thinks of henry.


i hope i get to meet him someday.
not real soon but someday.


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  1. What a sweet post, Teddy! I can tell you love your Mama very much, because you understand that she had special furkids before you, and now she’s giving so much love to you! I just know she has more to spare and I kinda think that if she found some really pretty girl kitty, you wouldn’t mind some new company at your house all so much. It would be very nice to have someone to curl upand nap with when your Mama is at work!

    • maybe, ms josie but i don’t know for sure about another cat. the problem is even if i don’t like the new catkid it will have to stay cause mama says when you make a commitment there is no going back.

  2. awww Teddy you are so adorable and so was Henry- before I (Lucy ) showed up my Mommy had Larry who was a 16 pound Orange tabby…with BIG feet and extra toes. Lovely boy….but I am the best….that’s what I say. Have a cozy evening with your family Teddy!

  3. Having friends like yourself is good. We have four in our house, all different ages and sexes and everyone likes each other. Sometimes they play and chase each other around. Other times they just all sleep on the same bed. It’s not so lonely.

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