hugs make you smile


tchi my peoples


here is something that will make you go awww…


everybody needs a hug sometimes
and hugs make you smile


Click on the puppy and see other awww...things

Click on the puppy and see other awww…stuff


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  1. It looks like that kitten is getting a hug from it’s mama too, Teddy, and there is just nothing better than that! It definitely makes me say awwww! You sound a little like my cat Tiggy, when we are up in the daytime she does not like to cuddle and be loved on, she just likes to stay close by us, but at night time when we go to bed she becomes a snuggle bug! I think she likes to keep that a secret from her sisters! 🙂

    • my favorite time to snuggle is when mama first wakes up. she likes it too but sometimes it makes her hafta rush if it’s a work day and she doesn’t like to rush ever specially in the morning.

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