lost and found



hi my peoples!

well the votes are in and we didn’t win.


what a bummer

we were so hoping that


would win.

Pets Inc is where mama found me.

nobody really knows where I came from. not even me.
a man found me on the side of the road.  i was only about 6 weeks old.
he took me to Pets Inc.  and mama adopted me.

somebody else had adopted me first but gave me back to the shelter
because i was “unfriendly” and needed to be “socialized”.
hey! i was a little fella who lost his family.
i was

it was for the best though cause then mama came.
she had a couple of really old cats that died and she needed me
i was scared when i got here but mama let me be.
didn’t take me long to feel at home.


and the rest is as some peoples say “is history”.


Now go see some other Feline Friday cats


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  1. Ah Teddy, I’m sorry we didn’t win but at least we all tried. The good news is, someplace did so there will be animals that will benefit….and maybe we’ll win next time. Katnip’s right, you did win your Mommy’s heart, and boy did ya…:)

    • i know i stole my mama’s heart…i have it hidden and she isn’t getting it back…meow-hee. i am glad that the winners can get a dig park and the runners up will have some money to keep their shelters open and doing good work for the animals without homes.

  2. I think it was a blessing in disguise that you were returned. I don’t think that first human was a good cat person because she didn’t understand that you needed time … and also, I am guessing she didn’t do much to help you get comfortable. Mama is the best place for you and now that you are comfy in your forever home, you are kind enough to try to help your other brothers and sisters that need some lovin’. Thanks Teddy, you are awesome.
    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Awwww, I’m sorry your place didn’t win, Teddy, but you told us what a great place it is and that means more people will check it out! I think it was meant to be that the man brought you back so your Mama could come and adopt you. You were meant to be together! You are not so shy now, you even have your own blog, and I think that’s pretty cool! Keep getting the word out Teddy, you have a lot of friends still needing forever homes! xoxo

    • there are lots of cats without homes. there is a feral group that lives around our building. elizabeth gives them water and feeds them. i am still pretty shy. peoples kinda scare me. they move so fast…i have a problem with hands that wave around. mama is ok though we understand each other…most of the time but she can be contrary sometimes.

  4. Your story sounds a little like my friend’s story. His wife was driving in a pouring rain on a back country road when she saw something move. She pulled over and it was a very small kitten all by itself totally wet and crying. She picked it up, brought it home and cleaned it up. They already had 4 cats but everyone loved the baby and they kept it. The other cats all adopted it and taught it bad habits and everyone is happy. I don’t know why anyone would take you back! You are so pretty and it takes a while to adjust. New places are scary for sure.

    • your friend is a wonderful lady to stop in the rain for a little kitty. i think part of the problem with the first person who adopted me was the little person who lived with her. i am glad it is just me and mama. but she does keep saying i need a pal…i am not so sure.

  5. Teddy, you tried. That must be an awesome place. Maybe you can try again next year. Keep spreading the word and join in their fundraisers or help as you can. But anyway, I am so glad your Mama found you. ~xo~

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