cats don’t do chores


hi my peoples!


this is something mama thinks i should learn to do.

not gonna happen!


you can see other cute stuff at Aww…Mondays


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  1. Oh Teddy, this would be a great talent to have. I would be happy if my furkids could at least brush themselves! Three of them have long fur and the one with short fur sheds just as much. Our house is always kind of soft and furry, but I don’t mind too much, because I love my furkids! I do think it would be nice if they could do dishes or laundry while we are at work! But we both know that cats are supposed to live like kings and queens and should not have to do any domestic chores! :-))

    • mama is always telling me i should have supper ready when she gets home or at least get my own breakfast in the morning. she seems to forget that i am supposed to stay out of the cabinets and off the counter.

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