internet was lost but we found it


hi my peoples!

we just got our internet back so mama is sooooooooooooo behind on everything.  she says before anything else gets done emails must be taken care of and bills paid.  i know about email because i have an email address but i don’t know what bills does that he needs to be paid for doing…i have never seen him around here.

so the only thing i have for feline friday is this silly shoe


and little me


now go see other feline friday folks

click on the picture and vote Last Day To Vote

click on the picture and vote
Last Day To Vote


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  1. I wouldn’t be wearing those shoes, Teddy, because I don’t do high heels, but they are sooo cute and I would love to see someone model them! I think that your baby picture is even cuter! I can see why your mama fell in love with you! 🙂

    • purrsonally i think peoples are strange wearing shoes when they have perfectly good feet. i think mama agrees with me cause she only wears shoes when she leaves the building we live in. as soon as i hear the vote i will let all my peoples know!

  2. We were such a cutie! Yep, I voted every day for your cause. They don’t have the vote count on it any more (I just get question marks) so I don’t know how they are doing.

    • the last week of voting is dark…to make it suspenseful i guess. i will post the results when they are revealed. the voting is over. thank you so much for helping us out.

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