got the grumpy growlies


hi my peoples!

i wasn’t sure i was going to get to post anything today because my mama, first worked a little later, then she was hungry, then she hogged the puter.  but now i am here.  meowie.

we had a storm the other day.  i am a very brave big boy but let me tell the thunder and lightning scared the poop outta me!  there was so much rain i IMAG0208couldn’t see past the balcony railing. the thunder was so loud it was banging.  and the lightning!  it was so close and sometimes it hit trees. the wind blew  things all around even trees.  i can see some of the tree roots cause they came up out of the ground.

i am glad mama was home.  it would have been more scary without her.  but i did get tired of her saying, “it’s going to be okay, Teddy”.  i mean how did she know?  we could have blown away with the tree branches!  after the storm i could hear a scared kitty meyowling.  i hope it got home ok.

i hope we don’t have any more of these storms.  mama says we are in hurricane season and that they have IMAG0210been know to come this far inland. somebody named hugo came one year he had a hurricane with him.  i hope he doesn’t come back or if he does he leaves a hurricane home.

i still feel a little bit grumpy growly.  i’m going to go to bed early and get some rest.


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    • i guess you are right but we have had storms almost everyday. the weather people say it is the wettest summer in 100 years. if this only happens every 100 years i guess i will be safe next summer.

  1. being scared puts the grumpy growly in me too, Teddy! And I remember Hugo. He blew down a lot of trees all around my house, because my daddy had just thinned out the woods around my house and the trees didn’t have each other to keep them as steady anymore. All that newly emptied ground just seemed to open up and let those trees fall out. It was so scary to hear the “thwump……thwump…..thwump” all through that night, as the trees would fall down and hit the ground. I never knew if one would fall down right on top of me. But none of them did – the wind was blowing in just the right direction that they all fell in a kind of half circle around the front of the house. I were very lucky.

    • that is scary…all that thwumping! we are high above the trees so they can’t fall on us but i think the wind could blow us away and i won’t even think about the lightning. i am glad hugo and a hurricane didn’t hurt you. they sound like nasty storms.

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