good and bad flowers




hi peoples!






mama plants things in pots that are on the balcony.  some things grow and some sort of don’t.  most of the plants i like…to smell or eat.  there is one really special plant that is just for me!

nip this is cat nip.  not everything in the pot but most of it.
the other stuff is elephant ears and impatients and something that is just growing but we don’t know what it is.

here’s a close up of my nip


it’s pretty…the flowers are sort of light purplie-pink.
i just love my nip.

mama will freeze some of it for the winter time.

now this other plant is pretty but i tell you it is a mean plant.  when i tried tasting it i got a big sticker stuck in my lip!  it doesn’t have flowers right now but it still has those stickers.

thornsmama says it is a Bougainvillea…i think it is a bad-ole-beastia


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    • i like fresh the best to rub my face on but dried is fine too. do you ever freeze it? mama does that too she lets it warm up before she gives it to me though…doesn’t do much for me when it is cold.

  1. Your mama is the best, Teddy! She grows your favorite treat just for you! That other plant doesn’t sound like very much fun at all. Here they have things called cactus, my furkids really don’t like the one on my desk at all, it has tiny stickers and they learned quickly to stay far away from it!

  2. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. We have some big nip plants too but they are outside. Only Jake is allowed outside and he sleeps in them. Mom will cut some and bring it in for the rest of us. Love that nip!

    • Mollie, i wish i had lots of big nip plants to roll around in. when i was little i could do that in the pot but now i am too big for the pot! nice that your mama brings it in for you and the others but Jake is a lucky guy to have the whole plant.

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