stuff i eat


hi peoples!

i thought today i would share my food with you.  well not really share but show it 2 you. you don’t eat cat food anyway.  but you can share your food with me anytime. specially potato chips and ice cream.

this is where it is kept  in the kitchen under the sink.door

this is my most favorite kinds of food–in the can.   not IN the can but when it is out of the can and in my bowl.


this is my food 2.  but i only eat it when there isn’t any food from a can in my bowl.  which is pretty much all of the time because mama only gives me can food for supper–at around 5–otherwise it’s the crunchy stuff. dryfood


 these are treats.  i LOVE treats

sometimes i have to remind mama its time for treats.


and these are my bowls on my placemat. treats don’t have a bowl cause i only get a few of them at a time

so that’s it for today!


now go see the other peoples at Feline Friday

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click on the picture and vote
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  1. Teddy, you eat very much like the furkids in my house. They always have dry crunchy food to eat, and a fresh bowl of water. They get canned food at suppertime, and a few snacks at breakfast time before I go to work. If I forget any of those, or am a little slow to serve supper, I get reminded by telepathic stares from all corners! 🙂 So you like potato chips and ice-cream too?! I once had a sweet Maine Coon furkid who liked Cheetos best of all, better than fish and chicken even! What other people treats do you like?

  2. Our Little Bit can relate to the treats. She wants lots of them, but she doesn’t get them very often. She doesn’t like that and I’m guessing you don’t either.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. 🙂

    • i get a couple of treats almost everyday. i would like more but mama says they are high in calories and i must watch my waistline. i have never seen this thing called a waistline… i think my belly is in the way.

  3. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. We get canned stuff twice a day. The others like it a lot but I only eat the gravy part. I like the crunchy stuff. We don’t get treats. Hmmmm….I wonder what that’s about!

      • I think it’s a secret about them. You see Hazel is fat. She thinks she’s just fluffy but she is definitely too fluffy. My mama is afraid the vet is going to put Hazel on a diet. There are four cats here so it’s hard to put one on a diet.

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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