i’m cute when i pout



      hi peoples!

mama said she would print a cute picture for me to post for  Awww…Mondays

well, i am still waiting


hey, this will do!

i’m pretty cute when i pout.

and now that you have awww-ed here go see the other cute stuff at  Awww…Mondays

after that please vote!

click on the picture and vote you can vote everyday

click on the picture and vote
you can vote everyday




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    • thanks steve! and thank you so much for voting. Pet’s Inc is where my mama found me. it’s a very nice shelter but i am glad i don’t live there anymore.

  1. Awww Teddy, what an adorable “I’m not amused” face you can make! You kitties are so good at letting us know exactly how you feel about things. Do you turn your back to your mama when you are displeased about something? My furkids do, and they make sure I notice it too! But, thankfully it doesn’t take them long to forgive me. I bet you make up with your mama pretty fast too, with that sweet little face, how could she resist?! 🙂

    • when i am really unhappy i grab mamas leg and bite her knee. she get sooo mad…i have to run under the bed really fast. we don’t stay mad long though…that would be silly

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