i have responsibilities


hi peoples

 part of my responsibilities here at home is checking things out
making sure everything is up to purrs for my mama.
for quite a while i was banned from the bathroom.
there was a difference of opinion between me and mama about whether or not toilet paper is considered a toy.
i have tried very hard to be responsible–with good results–and now i am allowed back in the bathroom.


anyway, i have checked out the tub and it is just fine.  see the bubbles?  that means mama is going to take a bath

the bubbles are great fun to flick around, they make me sneeze when i sniff them up my nose.

IMAG0060and here’s the litter box.  as far as i can tell it, ok.  never will understand the water in it though

                                                                                                                                  now on to the sink

hey! what’s this!
a hole!
not the drain thing  this is something different.


i am going to have to keep my eye on this.
who knows what could be lurking in there waiting to come out .
only my nose fits in there so whatever is lurking can’t be too big–i have a cute little nose.
i can see i am going to have to step up the bathroom surveillance!

greypaw i forgot to remind you to go see the Feline Friday posts.  go do it now

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click on the picture and vote
you can vote everyday


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  1. Hi Teddy ~~ You are a cat after my own heart!!!
    Better be careful about that new clever little hole.
    We’ve had all kinds of varnmints in there. Baby
    birds that fall down through the vent pipe are worst.
    Keep up the good work (in human terms, it will keep
    you out of mischief).

    • what is this mischief you speak of? ooh, i would love it if a bird came in the vent. i almost brought a pigeon in from the balcony…boy mama had a fit! it was pretty funny to see her move so fast.

  2. Teddy, you and Tiggy would get along so well, she is the chief inspector, observer, and investigator at our house too… nothing is missed, and no one ever goes to the bathroom unaccompanied, she feels she’s just doing her job as house escort and protector! I bet you keep a good watch out for your Mama too, and you know, shredding toilet tissue really does look like fun! 🙂

    • Tiggy is taking extra care of her people by going into the bathroom with them…you never know what might be in there…things live in sewers and pipes you know. playing with toilet paper is great fun but a thing of the past for me i am afraid.

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